Share Your Lifeline National Verifier Draft Plan Feedback and Questions

Beginning December 5, 2016, USAC will accept comments, questions, and feedback on the National Verifier Draft Plan through the comments feature below.

Feedback is welcome throughout the implementation of the National Verifier, however, only comments received by December 31, 2016 will be considered to guide the creation of the Final National Verifier Plan approved by the FCC.  Please note, the National Verifier Plan will be updated approximately every six months throughout the life of the implementation.

Comments on the plan will be moderated by USAC and those that are abusive or unrelated to the plan’s content will not be posted. Appropriate comments will be posted on the site within 48 business hours.

Please keep comments and feedback relevant to the National Verifier’s development and implementation rather than Lifeline policy.

We encourage you to use  the comments feature, however, you can also share feedback by email, sending comments to Please use the subject line: National Verifier Feedback.

Due to the anticipated volume of questions and comments, USAC may not be able to answer comments and emails individually. We will consider all feedback when finalizing the National Verifier Plan.

The National Verifier Draft Plan

nv-planUSAC submitted the National Verifier Draft Plan to the FCC on November 30, 2016. It outlines USAC’s proposed approach to designing and building the Lifeline National Eligibility Verifier.

The draft reflects feedback from a wide variety of USAC and Lifeline stakeholders – from states and federal agencies to Lifeline service providers to consumer groups. Your continued input and feedback is important as we design and build the National Verifier.