Updated Version of the National Verifier Plan Now Available

Thank you to all who provided feedback during the public comment period for the first draft of the National Verifier Plan. Today, USAC submitted an updated version of the plan to the FCC that incorporates the feedback to our proposed approach.

While reviewing the January 2017 version of the National Verifier Plan, please note that any updated slides have an “UPDATED” label in the upper-right corner. All new and modified text is shown in orange.

We welcome your additional feedback and comments. Please leave your feedback as a “comment” on this blog, or submit it via email to LifelineProgram@usac.org. There is no deadline for submitting feedback about the plan. The National Verifier Plan will be updated throughout the life of its implementation based on new findings and feedback.

The November 2016 version of the plan is available in the Reference Area of the Lifeline Program website.