National Verifier Feedback Opportunities

Stakeholder feedback informs how we plan, develop, and build the National Verifier.

We are always eager to hear your thoughts and concerns about how the National Verifier will impact your business and processes. You can submit your feedback to USAC at any time via email (to or leave it as a comment here on the blog.

We also have more structured feedback opportunities we hope you’ll participate in:

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USAC Announces National Verifier Launch and Key Dates

Earlier today, USAC announced the official launch dates of the National Verifier.

Soft Launch in December 2017

The National Verifier will soft launch in December 2017. A soft launch is a period that allows service providers to transition their operations to the National Verifier in advance of the hard launch.

USAC recommends that service providers use the soft launch period for testing, and to make sure existing processes and systems align with the National Verifier. Continue reading “USAC Announces National Verifier Launch and Key Dates”