National Verifier Feedback Opportunities

Stakeholder feedback informs how we plan, develop, and build the National Verifier.

We are always eager to hear your thoughts and concerns about how the National Verifier will impact your business and processes. You can submit your feedback to USAC at any time via email (to or leave it as a comment here on the blog.

We also have more structured feedback opportunities we hope you’ll participate in:


One-on-one interviews and testing

During individual interviews, USAC asks open-ended questions about how service providers interact with customers, how the eligibility, enrollment, and recertification process works, lessons learned from developing your own enrollment and recertification processes, and their concerns and ideal-case scenarios for the National Verifier.

During system testing sessions, USAC shows a draft version of the system to potential users to confirm it’s easy and intuitive to use, and has the features the user needs.

If you are interested in being interviewed and/or testing system features, please sign up as a feedback volunteer. If you are selected as a testing candidate, USAC will contact you to arrange an in-person or virtual meeting.


In the next few months, the regularly-scheduled Lifeline Program Update Webinars will focus more and more on the National Verifier. During these sessions, USAC will share what we learned from in-depth interviews and testing, and validate it with a larger group.

To receive webinar invitations and reminders, sign up here for the Lifeline newsletter.

Technology forum

The technology forum will be an informal meeting where IT staff can speak directly to USAC and the systems integrator about the National Verifier’s technology specifications, including the API. During the forum, we’ll answer questions and present technology decisions for your feedback.

The technology forum will occur on the fourth Tuesday of each month; the start date is May 23, 2017. To receive invitations and reminders for the tech forum, sign up for the National Verifier Build Update emails.

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