Webinar on July 26: National Verifier Update

We hope you can join us on Wednesday, July 26, for the National Verifier Update Webinar. During the webinar, we’ll make announcements about the National Verifier and discuss some of the decisions that are still under consideration.

Author: lifelineprogram

The Lifeline Program helps families in need afford voice and broadband connectivity services.

One thought on “Webinar on July 26: National Verifier Update”

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  2. In the July 26 webinar, you had announced that Service Providers could assist applicants with their application and eligibility through the Service Provider Portal (SPP), and that the log in will be the same as a log in for NLAD. Will you be (1) adding new roles, (2) establishing higher limits for User IDs and (3) adding reports for user log in management?

    NLAD contains customer confidential and proprietary information such as address, PTN, DOB and SSN that can be viewed online and some of which may be downloaded via reporting. All current NLAD user roles have access to this data. With the SPP and in the scenario where a customer care or sales agent is assisting with application/eligibility, I can envision a scenario where these folks given SPP access should NOT have access to NLAD. I also envision that there will be a need for more SPP log in IDs and therefore a way for administrators to see their activity in order to manage users.

    I was very surprised that it has been decided not to have an API integration.

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