Certification statements

In addition to gathering eligibility information, the National Verifier will also gather customers’ signed certification statements.

Simplify, simplify, simplify!

Stakeholders universally agree that the certification statements need to be simplified for easier comprehension. The legal language is particularly difficult for the Lifeline-eligible population to understand. Areas that need special attention and clarification are explaining what a “household” is for Lifeline, and the last two attestations. USAC is working with our partners at the FCC on re-writing the certification statements so they are easier for consumers to understand, and still compliant with the rules.

Initials…not checkmarks

A common problem with the certification statements is that customers do not initial them (as required). Instead, customers place a checkmark on the box or skip it, believing it does not apply to them. Stakeholders encouraged USAC to be very clear that initials are required on all of the certification statements in order to proceed. In particular, customers tended to skip the last two certification statements, believing they do not apply to them.

We’d love to hear about how you support your customers through completing the certification statements. How do you explain the attestations to them?

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The Lifeline Program helps families in need afford voice and broadband connectivity services.

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