If the National Verifier cannot verify a consumer’s eligibility using a state or federal data source, it will prompt the customer to upload proof of eligibility. Stakeholders shared the following advice about explaining supporting documentation to customers:

Provide specific instructions and examples

We heard many times that it’s important to have specific explanations for each “correctable denial” (unverifiable information that we need documentation to support), and explain exactly what the consumer has to do (or upload) next. For example, if the consumer needs to prove their SSN, a driver’s license is not sufficient.

Show all errors once

Stakeholders told us to be prepared for some of the common issues we covered in earlier posts, like mismatched or misspelled name, and that consumers prefer that the system communicate all of their errors at once, rather than one at a time. This will help minimize the number of denials (and the amount of frustration!) and reduce the back-and-forth between the manual document review team.

What advice do you give your customers about what documents to provide?

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