Eligibility Checking Continued

In the last post, we talked about the issue of customer names on identification documents not matching their name on program enrollment. Today, we’ll cover additional challenges that stakeholders shared about confirming consumer eligibility using a state or federal data source.

Lag time for eligibility data

We learned that some state/federal data sources are not updated in a timely manner, and there can be a lag between when a customer enrolls for a program (i.e., SNAP) and when their name appears in the database. Similarly, lag time exists for customers that change their names. We are also aware that not all eligible customers may be in the database.

Stakeholders also reminded USAC that data sources experience service outages, and USAC should be prepared for data sources to occasionally be temporarily unavailable.

State-specific items

We also heard concerns about gathering state-specific data fields and meeting state-specific requirements in the National Verifier. Although we don’t have details ready at this time, USAC is committed to working with states as they roll into the National Verifier to make sure our eligibility checking process aligns with their specific needs and requirements.

In the next post, we will share more thoughts on the customer experience and how we plan to communicate expectations.

Please share your advice about working with state and federal data sources in the comments.

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The Lifeline Program helps families in need afford voice and broadband connectivity services.

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