July 26 webinar highlights: migration process

USAC shared news during the National Verifier Update Webinar on July 26, 2017, including how service providers in the initial states will migrate consumer customers in those states to the National Verifier.

During National Verifier Migration, the National Verifier will conduct an automated database eligibility check. Service providers will need to provide acceptable eligibility documentation for consumers who do not pass the automated check.

Migration for the initial group of states will begin in December 2017. Updates about the migration process include:

  • The National Verifier will only accept consumer eligibility documentation (SNAP/Medicaid cards, etc.) that include the consumer’s name for both migration and new eligibility checks
  • USAC will provide a list of consumers that failed the automated database check as a report in NLAD
  • Service providers can transmit the required consumer eligibility documentation to USAC by uploading directly to the customer account in the National Verifier, mailing in the documents, or providing the documents in batches via password-encrypted SFTP file, CD, or flash drive
  • Service providers should recertify consumers in the initial states through December 31, 2017 anniversary dates, and not recertify consumers in the initial states with anniversary dates of January 1, 2018 and later
  • USAC recommends completing all BQP fields in NLAD for existing records. In the past, NLAD only required a BQP last name, however, the National Verifier’s automated database check requires all BQP fields to be complete.

The standards of acceptable consumer eligibility documentation and timing for migration are under review and will be announced in August.

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