July 26 webinar highlights: service provider interaction with the National Verifier

USAC shared news during the National Verifier Update Webinar on July 26, 2017, including how service providers will interact with the National Verifier.

Users can access the National Verifier three ways:

  1. NV online Consumer Portal, where consumers can verify their Lifeline eligibility independently.
  2. Mailed paper form, which consumers can complete independently or with the support of a service provider.
  3. NV Service Provider Portal, which service providers can use to assist consumers with eligibility checking and receive a “yes/no” eligibility determination in near real-time.

The National Verifier is a third party independent reviewer of Lifeline  subscriber eligibility. It is critical for the National Verifier to ensure that systems, processes, and forms used for eligibility verification are compliant with the program rules, and provide a consistent experience for consumers applying and recertifying for the Lifeline program.

Working with the FCC, USAC determined that processing all customer applications, including the collection of required certifications and disclosures, through the National Verifier Consumer Portal or the National Verifier Service Provider Portal was the most effective way to maintain a consistent and compliant customer experience. For this reason, the National Verifier will not allow service providers to connect to the National Verifier via API to process customer applications for eligibility in their own systems.

Service providers can continue using the NLAD API, which will have new data fields from the National Verifier that show whether the consumer is deemed eligible.

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The Lifeline Program helps families in need afford voice and broadband connectivity services.

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