National Verifier Training Videos Available

USAC created a series of National Verifier training videos to help service providers use the system. These short videos will walk you through a National Verifier overview, how to log in, how to check eligibility and how to resolve an error requiring documents.  Are there other videos that would be helpful? Let us know in the comments.

When the National Verifier hard launches in the initial states, USAC will release consumer-facing videos.

National Verifier Launches!

The National Verifier is now live in Colorado, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming! Service providers in all six states have successfully used the National Verifier to qualify consumers using automated state or federal database connections.

At hard launch, service providers are required to use the National Verifier to verify eligibility for subscribers in the initial launch states. USAC has not announced the timing of the hard launch.

Additional states and territories will be added to the National Verifier later in 2018, and in 2019. Visit our website to learn more about the National Verifier Launch Schedule and view a demo Video: National Verifier Demonstration.

If you are a service provider operating in a first-wave state and have not received information about the soft launch, please send us an email at

Certification statements

In addition to gathering eligibility information, the National Verifier will also gather customers’ signed certification statements.

Simplify, simplify, simplify!

Stakeholders universally agree that the certification statements need to be simplified for easier comprehension. The legal language is particularly difficult for the Lifeline-eligible population to understand. Areas that need special attention and clarification are explaining what a “household” is for Lifeline, and the last two attestations. USAC is working with our partners at the FCC on re-writing the certification statements so they are easier for consumers to understand, and still compliant with the rules. Continue reading “Certification statements”

National Verifier Feedback Opportunities

Stakeholder feedback informs how we plan, develop, and build the National Verifier.

We are always eager to hear your thoughts and concerns about how the National Verifier will impact your business and processes. You can submit your feedback to USAC at any time via email (to or leave it as a comment here on the blog.

We also have more structured feedback opportunities we hope you’ll participate in:

Continue reading “National Verifier Feedback Opportunities”

USAC Announces National Verifier Launch and Key Dates

Earlier today, USAC announced the official launch dates of the National Verifier.

Soft Launch in December 2017

The National Verifier will soft launch in December 2017. A soft launch is a period that allows service providers to transition their operations to the National Verifier in advance of the hard launch.

USAC recommends that service providers use the soft launch period for testing, and to make sure existing processes and systems align with the National Verifier. Continue reading “USAC Announces National Verifier Launch and Key Dates”

National Verifier Update

USAC is pleased to share that the National Verifier build is underway and we are making progress developing the infrastructure and processes that will allow USAC to assume the responsibility of confirming eligibility of Lifeline subscribers. To ensure build out and implementation runs smoothly, USAC has enlisted the help of a systems integrator to support our state and federal partners with all technical aspects of the National Verifier implementation. We are confident that with their expertise, the process will be seamless and conducive for all involved.

Stakeholder feedback is important to the National Verifier development and build process.  USAC will be reaching out shortly to set up National Verifier feedback conversations. At any time, you can share National Verifier feedback through the comments below.