Service address / mailing address

Capturing addresses is an important design consideration for Lifeline because the consumer base moves frequently, and can live in areas with non-standard addresses. During interviews, stakeholders shared their experiences with entering Lifeline consumers’ addresses, and the consumers’ diverse needs for entering where they live.

Descriptive home addresses

Rural and Tribal customers need the flexibility to add a descriptive address or coordinates, rather than a standard address.

We don’t anticipate that customers will be allowed to enter a PO Box as their home address. However, as they do now, customers can use a PO box as their mailing address. Continue reading “Service address / mailing address”

Stakeholder Feedback about the National Verifier

USAC is committed to integrating stakeholder feedback into the design of the National Verifier to make it a success. Our feedback process is:

  1. In-depth interviews with a sample of stakeholders
  2. Validate feedback with a larger group
  3. Design & build
  4. Test with real users
  5. Update the design

We’ve been talking to diverse group of Lifeline stakeholders about their ideas for how to build the best system possible. Over the next few posts, we’ll use this blog to share what we’ve learned so far and give readers a chance to respond to it.

All of the feedback we hear is helpful. However, we can’t guarantee that we will include everything we hear in the design of the National Verifier. What we can guarantee is that we’ll pass this information along to decision-makers and the team designing and building the National Verifier.

National Verifier Feedback Opportunities

Stakeholder feedback informs how we plan, develop, and build the National Verifier.

We are always eager to hear your thoughts and concerns about how the National Verifier will impact your business and processes. You can submit your feedback to USAC at any time via email (to or leave it as a comment here on the blog.

We also have more structured feedback opportunities we hope you’ll participate in:

Continue reading “National Verifier Feedback Opportunities”