July 26 webinar highlights: migration process

USAC shared news during the National Verifier Update Webinar on July 26, 2017, including how service providers in the initial states will migrate consumer customers in those states to the National Verifier.

During National Verifier Migration, the National Verifier will conduct an automated database eligibility check. Service providers will need to provide acceptable eligibility documentation for consumers who do not pass the automated check.

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USAC Announces National Verifier Launch and Key Dates

Earlier today, USAC announced the official launch dates of the National Verifier.

Soft Launch in December 2017

The National Verifier will soft launch in December 2017. A soft launch is a period that allows service providers to transition their operations to the National Verifier in advance of the hard launch.

USAC recommends that service providers use the soft launch period for testing, and to make sure existing processes and systems align with the National Verifier. Continue reading “USAC Announces National Verifier Launch and Key Dates”