July 26 webinar highlights: migration process

USAC shared news during the National Verifier Update Webinar on July 26, 2017, including how service providers in the initial states will migrate consumer customers in those states to the National Verifier.

During National Verifier Migration, the National Verifier will conduct an automated database eligibility check. Service providers will need to provide acceptable eligibility documentation for consumers who do not pass the automated check.

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Identity checking: DOB and SSN

In this post, we’ll continue sharing the feedback we’ve heard about challenges and opportunities with the identity checking (TPIV) process for the National Verifier.

Date of birth

Entering the customer’s date of birth does not appear to have the same level of challenges as entering their name. As such, we haven’t received a lot of feedback about DOB!

One piece of advice we heard is to specifically label which fields are for day, month, and year, because some cultures enter the day first and the month second, rather than the U.S. standard of entering the month first. Continue reading “Identity checking: DOB and SSN”

Identity checking: names

Talking to stakeholders helped us identify pain points and opportunities to improve the identity checking (TPIV) process, which is part of the eligibility check the National Verifier will perform.

We learned that even when gathering something as simple as a name, extra guidance and flexibility can help increase success.

Customers need more than “first name” and “last name”

We heard about the need for extra name flexibility in the name fields. In particular, we heard that it’s important to include fields for middle names, suffixes, and multiple last names. We also heard that a low character minimum is important, as some customers have names with only 1 or 2 letters. Continue reading “Identity checking: names”